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Presenting the HI-TECH 4000 SERIES An awesome range of six models designed for the go getters, with a myriad of features... so hold your breath. Every HI-TECH Series 4000 chair is created using the high frequency hot press compression method, where the overall seat and back structure is made from 9 layered 1.5 thick commercial veneer. The seats , a criteria for comfort, are made out of cold moulded polyurethene, 45-50 density and have a foam thickness of 40-50 mm. The self cushioned matching polyurethene handles are reinforced with a metal insert giving you style and ruggedness. Encompassing a wide range of colours the 4000 series also comes with the option of the suspa one touch height adjustement. Phenomenal isn't it ??

Chief Executive high-back Chair Revolving with conventional
tilt on two Locking Positions

Semi high back chair revolving,non-tilting for managerial and
executive seating.

Medium back chair, revolving non tilting for staff and visitor seating.

Medium back chair, revolving non tilting without handles for secreterial and computer operator seating.

Medium back chair,fixed c-frame for task force and visitor

Medium back chair,fixed c-frame,without handles for receptional
and general visitor seating.

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