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Presenting the Series 1000 from Parmar Bros. The chair base is injection moulded and made of glass filled Nylon. One touch back tilt with the help of gas cyclinder can be lacked at any angle is made by 'SUSPA' of W.Germany. The unique components help different models to tilt or make height adjustments manually or by gas spring which is made by world known 'SUSPA' of W.Germany. The seat and back are covered by air craft standard High-Impact Polysterene Sheets with an elegant finish and reinforced with concealed hot pressed moulded ply. The thermoplast handles which not only adds to the aesthetic looks, but are also tough and are mounted on metal frames.

PBC 1001-DX Chief executive Chair
with Handle and head rest(Tilting with Revolving)

PBC 1001 - Chief Executive Chair
with handle(Tilting with Revolving)

PBC 1001 JR- Chief Executive Chair
with handle(Tilting with Revolving)

PBC 1002- Visitors Chair with Handle (Revolving)

PBC 1003- Executive Chair with Handle with Back Cylinder(Revolving)

PBC 1004- Visitors chair
with handle(steady)

PBC 1005- Manager chair
with Handle, with back cylinder(Revolving)

PBC 1006- Secretary Chair
without Handle, with back cylinder

PBC 1007- Computer chair
without handle, with back cylinder

PBC 1008- Typist chair
without handle, Revolving

PBC 1009- Lounge Visitors chair
with handle(steady)

PBC 1010 -w/o H
- General staff chair
without handle(revolving)

PBC 1010- w H-General staff chair
with handle(revolving)

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